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Computer Hardaware and Software

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Climaks Engineers, Construction and Projects (Pty) employs state of the art modern computer hardware and software for its technical design and projects documentation. The computer software employed by company include Microsoft Project, Micro office , AutoCAD, Revit,Watermate, Road mate,Surfmate, Pipemate, Prokon, Designer, Epnet, Technocad, Procon structural Design Software.

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We have a dedicated team of project managers, all capable of multi-project management, dedicated to bringing in projects within budget and on time.

Overseen by our sister company Kingdom Leasing, we have a team of specialists able to deal with any and all matters related to property management.

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Our development team constantly strives to secure new projects for development.  

Our current Book 66 project is well under way, with nine of the sixty six blocks of flats already complete and generating a revenue.

Projects secured for 2015 include: four more blocks of flats in Kempton Park, A lifestyle retirement village in Benoni and a project  comprising  160 apartments including a frail care centre in Edenvale is in its final stage of planing.

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Our core business, managed by a team with combined experience in excess of 100 years.  Our team pride themselves on quality delivery of all and any projects

Based in Kempton Park, the team is fully qualified, experienced, and have the capacity and capability to plan, execute, and complete any project from as small as a leaking tap, to

multi-storey installations. Our projects all vary from standard plumbing installations to the more technically advance systems incorporating heat pumps and solar energy.

Climaksengineers |  Construction Climaksengineers |  Plumbing Climaksengineers | Climaksengineers | Construction

Managed by a team of experienced consultants, our team is dedicated to ensuring all our properties are occupied, tenants are happy,cared for and revenues are collected and distributed timeously.

Climaksengineers |  Plumbing Climaksengineers | Climaksengineers |  Plant Hire Climaksengineers | Climaksengineers |  Plant Hire

An experienced team of buyers ensures we achieve the best possible prices, enabling us to compete with any of the major outlets, we gladly assist and supply the small to medium construction companies.

A division born of our own needs, now able to offer any solution for projects ranging from a single home to multi-storey buildings.

Climaksengineers |  Building Material Climaksengineers | Aluminium Doors and Windows Climaksengineers |  Building Material Climaksengineers | Aluminium Doors and Windows Climaksengineers |  Building Material

Our stable of vehicle and equipment enables us to assist with TLB hire, Bobcat and Truck hire, rubble removal, as well as Generator hire with single and 3 phase capacity.

Climaksengineers |  Aluminium Doors & Windows Climaksengineers | Climaksengineers |  Balustrades Climaksengineers |  Balustrades Climaksengineers |  Balustrades

Our Carpentry Division is focussed on the design, manufacture, and installation to suit any end user’s needs we cater for anything, from workstations to multi-storey/multi-unit kitchens.

A well trained, well experienced team specializing in the installation of security systems designed to secure any site. We use only the latest, technologically advanced equipment, with the backing of only the biggest and best suppliers.

Climaksengineers |  Kitchens Climaksengineers |  Alarms Cctv Electric Fencing Climaksengineers |  Kitchens Climaksengineers |  Alarms Cctv Electric Fencing Climaksengineers |  Kitchens

Again, born from our own needs, our team of experienced welders and metal workers, design, plan, manufacture, and install balustrades, security gates to mention but afew.

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